unbroken - repair is essential

We used to value our ‘things’. They were precious. They were created from scarce resources and hours of human endeavour. But a combination of consumerism and mass production has led to ‘things’ of shorter life, of less perceived value and that are much harder to repair and thus, keep working. To compound matters, our ability to repair these things has faltered, driven by limited access to knowledge, lost skills, and an approach to product design with embedded technology that inhibits repair.  Even the legal framework is not supportive of a right to repair your own things, despite some recent positive moves.

Confronting these challenges, this project takes a constructive or solutions approach; to identify and shed a light on the repairers, re-users, activists, and solution providers, as exemplars. The overall aim is to point to ways we can all make better use of what we have and to build a more sustainable future.

>> new dedicated project website: unbroken.solutions

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