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The future lies in design using sustainable sources, design for repair and potential upgrades and easy recycling at end of life.
The 'circular economy' has a few early models: Fairphone in Amsterdam are re-thinking mobile phones; Islabikes in Ludlow, England and reimagining bike ownership. In this section, those working to achieve a more sustainable future either by design, activism or educating others are explored.
Fairphone  - designed for easy repair and sustainable sourcesFairphone  - disassembledIslabikes - Imagine ProjectIslabikes - Imagine Project  - frame constructionIslabikes - Imagine Project  - cleaning weldsIslabikes - Imagine Project - wheel assemblyIslabikes - Imagine Project - final assemblyIslabikes - Imagine Project  -  - assembly areaIslabikes - Imagine Project  - changing the modelMarie giving a talk about her research on education for repair