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Located in Eskistuna, Sweden, ReTuna is the world's first recycling gallery. Here, the guests shop in a completely new, climate-friendly way. Old things are taken and revived by repair and upcycling. Everything sold is recycled, recycled, ecologically or sustainably produced.
The gallery was opened in August 2015 and is located next to the Municipal Recycling Center at Folkestaleden 7 in Eskilstuna. It is easy for visitors to sort material in the containers and then make sure to leave reusable toys, furniture, clothes, interior gadgets and technology in the gallery's depot "Return". Here, the material is received by staff from AMA (Eskilstuna municipality resource unit for Activity, Motivation and Work), for initial sorting. Then the items are distributed to the stores in the mall. The retailers undertake further sorting and choose what they want to repair, fix, convert, process and sell.
ReTuna shopping mall, EskilstunaRecycling centre in EskilstunaAutomated can counting and refund station at Recycling centre in Eskilstuna'Returned' goods, for repair, up cycling and re-saleSorting bays in ReTunaSorting returned goods, in ReTuna.An old stand and unrepairable leather jacket, to epicycle lamp stand.Maria, upcylcles lamp stand at EcoFlora, ReTunaMaria in her new EcoHome shop, ReTunaAmjad, moving repairable electronic piano to the Re-Compute-IT workshop. ReTuna, Eskilstuna, SwedenAmjad, checking spare parts, cannabalised from unrepairable items, which will then be used for repairs at Re-Compute-IT workshop. ReTuna, Eskilstuna, SwedenRepairing electronics goods and computers at Re-Compute-IT workshop. ReTuna, Eskilstuna, SwedenCompleted repair of  electronic keyboard at Re-Compute-IT workshop. ReTuna, Eskilstuna, SwedenMaja altering and repairing clothes in ReTuna (Axelinas manufaktur & diverse)Parts and fastenings in Alexinas, RETunaMarjut owner of ReKidz in ReTuna, Eskilstuna.Fixing a lawnmower, ReTunaFixing a Lawnmower at Re-Buyke, ReTunaDisused white goods, at the recycling centre in EskilstunaLilies on River Eskilstunaån, in central Eskilstuna