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Inside a smart phone, many components, made from many different materialsThe footprint of a phone - around 35kg of the planet mined to make one phoneLondon - Cananae  - a large copper mine as big as north London (composite from Google Earth Images)London-Uyumi - one lithium plant would cover most of northern London  (composite from Google Earth Images)One phone ... around 85kg of toxic and liquid waste to make ite-waste is our fastest growing waste and we do not know where most ends upe-waste the tip of the iceberg, less than 18% is properly recycled and documented.Library of repair - what is also lacking is adequate information and spares for  sustainable repairThe dark side of Lithium batteries10-15 trees need planting just to compensate for CO2 emissions during the manufacture of one phonee-waste  - our fastest growing waste, projected to be over 54 millions tonnes per yearUncontrolled "recycling'Recovered copper and metalsLandfill - Agbogbloshie, Ghana - one of many overseas destinations for our waste.Less than 18% e-Waste is recycled properly or even documented