BarrioHabana is a local charity and community projects co-founded and led by Sandra Sotolongo Iglesias and Pavel Garcia Values (FB / The charity focuses on urban regeneration, transforming derelict spaces into urban sports, cultural and community areas. After creating four sports areas in Habana Vieja, they are now working on a new urban garden and arts area.
BarrioHabana - bannerPavelSandraPavel and colleague removing a banner  for shippingPavel and colleagues preparing the banner to be shipped to other community projects.The new urban garden and art area, being developedSandra and her daughter at homeA youth accesses the football area in Calle Cuba.Football area in Calle CubaA youth hangs out in CristoBaseball in CristoThe urban sport area in CristoBasketball in Cristo areaYouths playing in the football area in Prado.The urban garden and arts area, under constructionChildren add art and messages to the cultural bannerPavel outside the community area in Luz.Clearing up the new garden and community area