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Although most of my work is 'street' based, I had not until now, put a general Street category on the site.  This is now fixed.   An eclectic collection has now been added.  i'll continue to add to this over time. 

I adhere to the views of people like Matt Stuart when it comes to street photography.   Although I shoot mainly digital (and the occasional film on a old Nikon F3HP), I do very little post-processing, usually limited to a conversion to mono (using Silver Efex Pro), a few minutes of adjustments to tone etc, a little burning in or holding back or cropping (if needed).   Any movement or blur is captured 'in camera'. 

For those interested in technical details, the more recent shots (and most here) are captured on a Fuji XE-1 or XE-2 usually with a manual lens, (I'm currently using an XE-2 with a Elmarit 28mm, f2.8 on Fuji X-mount adaptor). I generally shoot wide open or stopped down to f4-ish, but rarely beyond, as I want to try and isolate any main subject.  All shots are generally pre-focused.  My intent is to try to be invisible and capture 'natural' shots.   Occasionally I will take a few street portraits, but in the main, I'm just looking to capture things as they are. I'll shoot from hip, chest or eye level depending on the situation. 


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