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Here is a list of websites I have found useful or interesting or simply inspiring.


Projects and ideas:


Someone once told me it was worth investing in more photo books than in new photo gear.  How right they were.  So many ideas (and so much cheaper)!  

Here are some on-line sources I use:

Other favourite haunts:


Places to go:

I tend to do most of my photography in London and when travelling, but I have to highlight add Arles.  Rencontres d'Arles is 'an experience' and provides plenty of ideas (  There is also the "fringe' event (    I'm hoping to get to VISA soon ( 



Most of my post-processing is minimal.  I tend to use Lightroom CC and Silver Efex 2 (for mono).  

A useful tool is Lightroom Sharpening Presets for Fuji:



I do most of my printing myself using an Epson 3880.  I mainly print on Permajet papers - Oyster and FB Distinction.

But for commercial printing I'd recommend theprintspace in Kingsland Road.  Excellent quality and fast turnaround.  They also hold regular and interesting exhibitions and their First Tuesdays events are worth checking out.  


Equipment and Kit Bag: (for those interested)

These days, more often than not, I shoot with a Fuji.  For street photography I usually use a Fuji XE-2 with a manual lens (currently an Elmarit 28 / f2.8 on an X-mount converter).   For more general urban photography and travel, I'll also take an XT-1 with a 16-55/f2.8.   All in a small discrete black Billingham. 

On rare occasions, and when I'm feeling in the mood, I'll take out an old Nikon F3HP with a 50/f1.4 and am tempted to give an old Nikon rangefinder an airing....(one day).   I have also taken to using an old Hasselblad 503CW, a completely different look and completely slows you down....

My kit bag used to be exclusively Nikon.   I still use a Nikon D800, but mainly for shoots where I don't mind going out with a backpack and am probably going to use a tripod too or for studio shots. 



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