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A single image can say so much, or say so little and thus create mystery.    

Recently, I've been experimenting with sequences of images, typically 3 to 5 images.  Here is a short set, handheld, no set up, candid , taken in Arles.   One of my first such experiments.   The setting is a gallery about images on LP Covers (vinyl and analog!).   

The Water Hoarder ... the final image makes the set, but would this alone really tell a story, or create a fiction? 

Water hoarder 1Water hoarder 1Water hoarder 1 Water hoarder 2Water hoarder 2Water hoarder 2 Water hoarder 3Water hoarder 3Water hoarder 3

I've added this as a gallery, and will add to it in due course. 


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