RPS Documentary Photographer of the Year - Under Parr

October 31, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I rarely enter competitions, especially those based upon judging a 'single image'.  However this years RPS DPOTY was based upon a set of five images, and a short narrative.  Much more appealing. So, I duly entered.....and won.   The images are currently being exhibited at the The Rag Factory, Spitalfields Art Market, 16-18 Heneage Street, London E1 5LJ.


The five images are taken from my 'Viewers' project:

TakingTakingParr Taking Under Parr 1Under Parr 1Under Parr FlaggingFlaggingFlagging

                    Viewer imagesViewer images Mono Viewer 1Mono Viewer 1Non-conformist Viewer

The statement accompanying the images was:

Under Parr

Picture the scene: it is mid-afternoon at the height of Summer in Arles. Lethargic bodies traipse around Martin Parr's exhibit, 'MMM', amidst the sweltering heat.

'Under Parr', the title of this collection serves a dual purpose, implying both a reflection upon the demeanour of the individuals depicted, whilst echoing too, Parr's penchant for witty social commentary and alternative visions. From peoples’ expressions and appearance here, can we assume they were unsatisfied?

Shot in mono, so as to avoid capturing the bold colours in Parr's images, an alternative gaze of the exhibition is provided. A combination of the uncomfortable heat, lighting, props and architecture provides a backdrop to my images, which resonates in peoples’ expressions: at once inspired, but seemingly underwhelmed, relaxed but looking lethargic – or perhaps just a little under par(r)?


Thank you to the RPS Documentary group and all those involved in judging, setting up the exhibition and providing prizes. 




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