Infra Red... in Street and Urban?

October 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

After deciding I needed something smaller and more discrete for my street work (I'd previously been using full frame Nikons), I experimented with a Fuji XE-1.   I liked it so much that I captured most of my RPS A Panel on it.  But now, having upgraded to an EX-2 and also a Fuji XT-1 (for more general work), my XE-1 was just lying on a shelf.  So, this summer, I decided to do something about it. 

After some discussions with Fuji X-Photographer, Simon Weir (, I decided to get the trusty XE-1 converted to infra red.  

I decide that I wanted to focus on B&W, so got it converted at ACS (, with an 830nm filter.  The 830nm filter blocks all visible light so the sensor only sees infra red light from around 800nm up to about 1040nm where the sensor drops off.  It's still possible to work hand held in the street, although I need a slightly higher ISO. 

Most books and guides will talk about infra red in landscape and occasionally for artistic urban photography.  But they just sound (to me) like 'rules', and represent an opportunity to try something different (i.e. break the rules).  So in yet another experiment, I'm planning to use my IR adapted XE-1 for street and urban photography. I know some of it will look weird, but why not? ....the image and the light is there, it's just filtered (and most cameras or lenses have filters anyway) it's still 'true'.

In due course I'll add a gallery of images, but for now, much more experimenting to be done... here is a starter.

DSCC1188.jpgDSCC1188.jpg  Shoreditch, London Sep 2015



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